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Annual Reports & Accounts

SCITT Terms of Reference

SCITT Strategic Partnership
The SCITT Strategic Partnership is formed by the Accounting Officer; SCITT Director; Headteachers (different phases and specialisms) from each of the partnership schools; a Professional Mentor and Subject Mentor
The SCITT Strategic Partnership Terms of Reference are to:
 Facilitate the strategic development of the collaborative partnership between the SCITT, partnership schools and the HEI
 Monitor the progress and achievements of the partnership at a high level, through the receipt of management information related to trainee achievement and other performance indicators.
 Be responsible for ensuring that the Programme meets the statutory requirements relating to ITT
 Be responsible for ensuring that the trainee and the host school are compliant in meeting the statutory requirements relating to ITT
 Be responsible for evaluating the evidence and making a decision on whether a school should be de-selected as part of the Partnership
 Consider and approve the marketing and promotional activity schedules for the forthcoming academic year.
 Be key decision makers in the financial expenditure of the SCITT
 Exercise its duty of care with due diligence
 Be responsible for the development, management and implementation of all policies and procedures for the SCITT
 Quality assure the provision; trainee provision; finance and recruitment to ensure that the partnership is compliant
 Monitor changes to staffing and other support requirements including the support provided to new and existing staff, (through the approval of a programme of staff development for the forthcoming academic cycle).

SCITT Quality Assurance Committee

The Quality Assurance committee will report to the Strategic Partnership, it will be comprised of primary and secondary colleagues from the partnership schools, including trainee representatives from both phases. They will focus upon:
1. the assessment and progress of the trainees
2. the provision of the partnership
3. the recruitment and selection processes

The SCITT Quality Assurance Committees Terms of Reference are:
 To monitor the selection and recruitment procedures and identify areas of improvement to ensure that the accurate numbers are recruited to satisfy the partnership demand
 To monitor the quality of the provision ensuring that it is outstanding in-order to lead to outstanding trainee outcomes
 To quality assure the assessment judgements made on the trainees in-order to standardize the assessment procedures and ensure consistency across the provision
 To report to the Steering Group on the evaluations made from the data analysed.

Scheme of Delegation

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