We are currently
recruiting in a number of subjects - Train to teach Maths, Science, Geography,
English and Modern
Foreign Languages.


Our Initial Teacher Training programme lasts for a full academic year. Trainees are placed in a main host school on the first day of the school year. It is important that trainees experience the full cycle of a school year and feel included/part of the school and the staff team.
As a trainee, you will be in your main school for four days a week and on the fifth day you will attend core training at the SCITT centre. The training will cover the core ITT content and the current national priorities. The programme has some flexibility so that it can be personalised to your specific training needs.
In addition, trainees will attend phase/subject specific days throughout the year which will focus on the pedagogy and explicit teaching of the chosen phase or subject.
You will have a second teaching placement for half a term in a contrasting school. In addition, you will have further experience of a special school setting (between 1-2 weeks) and opportunities to explore the Key Stages prior to and post your own phase.

We offer the following courses:

Art & Design
Ages 11-16
Ages 11-16
Ages 11-16
Ages 11-16
Ages 11-16
Ages 11-16
Ages 11-16
Ages 11-16
Ages 11-16
Ages 11-16
Ages 5-11


It is essential to us that you feel supported throughout your training year and beyond.
You will be allocated a school based mentor who will meet with you for at least an hour each week. They will support you in meeting the Teachers’ Standards, including: lesson planning; assessment; behaviour management strategies and meeting the needs of all students. This will be in addition to the host teacher(s) who will be in your lessons as you teach and who will also give you weekly feedback to support your progress.
You will be assigned a visiting phase/subject tutor who will visit you at least once very half term to monitor your progress towards meeting the Teachers’ Standards. This will include observing your teaching; looking at examples of your planning and assessment over time to identify the progress of the students and the impact of your teaching; meeting and observing with your mentor and reading your portfolio of evidence.
As a partnership we will signpost employment opportunities and support you throughout your first year of teaching and beyond.