Emily Beach

SCITT Director

The Huddersfield Horizon SCITT is led by Emily Beach who is a former Head of Department and Advanced Skills Teacher. Emily outlines her ethos below:

So I always ask the question: “why do you want to become a teacher?” This question allows you to understand and feel an applicant’s vision and passion. I could answer this question in one second: “my English teacher”. My English teacher, in just one accent, catapulted me away from an inner city Manchester comprehensive to the world of “To Kill a Mockingbird”. He ignited in me a passion and a thirst for learning and I wanted to do the same. This journey wasn’t easy, but I persevered because I knew that I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to make a difference to the children whose lives were not easy.

In my second year of teaching I was incredibly lucky to be asked to be a mentor for a trainee teacher. Having recently qualified I knew only too well the highs and the lows and I felt a real responsibility, a real pride in supporting the trainee teacher in becoming the practitioner they wanted to be.

And so, as my teaching career has led me into different roles, including departmental, whole school; Teaching School, I now feel incredibly privileged to be training and supporting early career teachers in becoming THE best practitioners in-order to make a difference to the lives of so many children. Could there be any better job?

Supporting Emily is a team of facilitators and tutors who are all practising teachers, many of whom are Specialist Leaders of Education, delivering THE most current research, practice, experience and practical strategies.

Sarah Cunningham

SCITT Deputy Director

Sarah is a Primary Improvement Advisor for South Pennine Academies and the Deputy Director of the Huddersfield Horizon SCITT. Sarah has worked in Kent, London, Hertfordshire and Kirklees and has been a Foundation Stage Leader, both a Key Stage 1 and 2 leader and an Assistant Head. In schools she has lead Literacy, ICT, Early Years, Planning and Assessment, PSHCE, mentored NQTs and tutored students through various stages of their teacher training. Sarah has delivered regional training for local authorities, Huddersfield University for the BA QTS course and in school CPD for NQTs, teaching staff and middle leaders. In 2013 Sarah was designated a Specialist Leader of Education for Literacy, Planning and Assessment, Behaviour Management and Early Years. Sarah is also a SATs Moderator for Kirklees Local Authority.



Nicola Jablonski

Curriculum and Teaching and Learning Lead

Nicola is the Primary Curriculum and Teaching Lead and is part of the Academy Effectiveness Team for South Pennine Academies. Nicola is responsible for the designing and implementing of the Huddersfield Horizon Primary Curriculum and the Quality Assurance of many elements of the programme. Within this role she also facilitates, and is a visiting tutor for trainees. Before joining the Partnership, Nicola spent her teaching career in Primary Schools within the Oldham borough, with various responsibilities. She has led both KS1 and KS2, and has led many subjects; Mathematics, Science, PE, RE, Humanities (Geography and History), and PSHCE. She has led may school initiatives. As Assistant Head, in two primaries, she had overall responsibility for curriculum, it’s intent, content and implementation. Throughout her career she has been involved with supporting the development of others, through mentoring, performance management and leading teams. Nicola was awarded with ‘North west teacher of the year’ at the National Teaching Awards. Nicola has successfully completed her NPQH.