Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions about the courses we offer, the training programme or about Huddersfield Horizon then please get in touch. Our team will be happy to help.

What are the entry requirements?

GCSEs & Degree
A GCSE pass at Grade C or higher in English, Maths and Science for Primary candidates. A GCSE pass at Grade C or higher in Maths and English for Secondary candidates. Equivalency tests may be accepted in lieu of GCSEs.

You must have already achieved, or must be in the process of achieving a degree.

Overseas trained teachers will need to provide evidence that their qualifications allow them to teach in their own countries and that these qualifications are equivalent to UK qualifications (this information can be obtained from NARIC).

Literacy & Numeracy Skills test
You will be required to have passed the Literacy and Numeracy Skills Tests before taking up your training place with Huddersfield Horizon. You are not required to have applied and passed these tests before interview, however we strongly advise you to take these as soon as possible.

Which schools will I be placed in for my training?

Huddersfield Horizon ensure that you are placed in 2 contrasting schools, to give you a the best, and most varied experience possible. We work with a range of schools, each with unique challenges and strengths, meaning that you are able to gain valuable experience throughout your training.

How long does the SCITT training last?

Your training will span the full academic year. SCITT training allows you to hit the ground running.

How much does training cost?

Tuition fees are £9,000 for QTS with PGCE.

What qualification do I receive from the course?

All trainees who complete the SCITT course with Huddersfield Horizon will do so with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Qualified teacher status is required in England and Wales to work as a teacher of children in state schools under local authority control, and in special education schools.

Trainees graduate with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).

The PGCE element of the programme carries 60 credits towards a Masters qualification and is accredited through Sheffield Hallam University (with the sessions being facilitated at the SCITT Centre).

How do you apply for a place?

All applicants need to apply to our courses via UCAS: UCAS TEACHER TRAINING SEARCH TOOL

Our Provider Code is 2EX
All of our courses and applicable UCAS course codes are listed below.
Our Primary Programme covers 5-11 years of age
Our Secondary Programmes cover 11-16 years of age

How we consider an application?

As a provider of ITT we are allocated a number of places for each course. To fill our allocated number we follow a rigorous selection process (please see below), however, once the maximum number has been reached then we will close the course on UCAS. Due to the UCAS system, there may be a period of time (up to 40 days) between offering our last place and closing the course on UCAS. Please do contact us to confirm whether we have places available on our programmes.

What are our selection criteria?

Upon receipt each application undergoes a rigorous selection procedure conforming to the ITT Entry Criteria. We also look for additional skills demonstrated in the personal statement and in the references.

ITT Entry Criteria
Achieved a standard equivalent to a grade C in the GCSE examinations in English and Mathematics (and for Primary in a Science subject)
Additional Skills
Secure use of Standard English

ITT Entry Criteria
Hold a first degree or equivalent qualification (we look for a 2:2 degree or above classification but will consider a 3rd in some subject areas)
Additional Skills
A passion for teaching and learning

ITT Entry Criteria
An assessment of suitability to teach including a DBS check; a check of the children’s barred list; a health and capacity to teach check; a prohibition check
Additional Skills
A passion for the individual subject/phase

ITT Entry Criteria
Passed the Professional Skills Tests prior to starting the programme.
Additional Skills
Evidence of resilience.

Additional Skills
An ability to engage learners.

Every application which fulfils the selection criteria is invited to an assessment at one of our Partner Schools. The school used for the assessment day may not necessarily be the school which you could be placed in for your training.
The assessment will include a formal interview; a pre-planned presentation; a teaching and learning task (the focus given in advance) and a subject knowledge assessment.
The applicant will then be notified of the decision via UCAS.

What are our over-selection criteria?

As identified above, upon undergoing the selection process, places are allocated on a timely basis (as UCAS opens in the October of the year prior to the programme starting.)
If two or more applicants apply for the last place of a course, the applicant with the greatest score on the assessment day will be offered the conditional place on the programme.