Sarah Cunningham

SCITT Safeguarding Lead



SCITT Designated Safeguarding Lead


The Designated Safeguarding Lead for Huddersfield Horizon SCITT is Mrs Sarah Cunningham, the SCITT Deputy Director. If you do not feel safe or if you are worried about the safety of someone else, our trainees or a member of staff then please contact Sarah directly about any concerns using the contact details below:


Phone: 01484 503116                                                Email:

Safety is of paramount importance to us and it is something which we regularly talk to our trainees and partner schools about and have embedded within our training practices. Trainees and staff complete a variety of training modules including online and in house safeguarding training.

Huddersfield Horizon SCITT follows the safeguarding procedures set by the local Kirklees Safeguarding Children’s Board (KSCB). To view further information on safeguarding in education please click here to visit the Kirklees Safeguarding website.

There are many safeguarding documents which have been published by The Department for Education. The two main ones, which can be viewed on the ‘policies’ section of our website, have been listed below:

  • Keeping Children Safe in Education – Part 1 (September 2019)
  • Working Together to Safeguard Children (July 2018)

On-line Safety


On-line Safety is an integral part of the curriculum in all schools. As a training provider in the education sector it is important that we keep reviewing our practice in response to the constantly changing world of technology around us. We regularly seek advice from the Local Authority support team and use the following key websites to keep updated:

Preventing Radicalisation and Extremism


From 1st July 2015 all schools and training providers in the education sector have a due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism and or violent extremism; this duty is known as the Prevent Duty. Prevent is one element of the Government’s Counter Terrorism Strategy. The Prevent Strategy aims to prevent people from becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. The Huddersfield Horizon SCITT has a statutory duty to address the risk of any form of radicalisation and extremism. If you would like further information on the PREVENT strategy please click here to access the Government’s free e-learning package.